About Us

At Nakano we are proud to work together with a family owned green tea producer based in Shizuoka Japan. Since 1951 we have continuously improved and optimized the taste and  nutritional composition. As Matcha is the result of stone-ground whole green tea leaves, the quality of the tea is dependent on the soil, climate and region that it is sourced from.

Shizuoka is the largest green tea growing region in Japan and the angle of the hills towards the sun make the region the optimal environment for the plants to grow. In combination with the extremely fruitful soil the area enables the plants to significantly increase their nutritional composition which yields remarkable health benefits. 

In an environment where farmers work seamlessly with advanced and sophisticated technology and milling machines, producing the highest quality of fine Matcha powder is made possible. Ultimately, it’s natural and full-bodied flavour is realized due to its sourcing habits, which consist of exclusively using organic and certified tea leaves within the natural agricultural landscapes of Shizuoka Japan.