Nakano Matcha

High Grade | Organic Matcha

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Nakano’s ‘Organic Classic Matcha Powder’, typically reserved for special occasions, is a naturally smooth and mild high grade blend made in Shizuoka Japan.

  • 25 servings (cups)


  • Long-lasting focus
  • Increased energy
  • Immune booster
  • Stress relief
  • Made in Japan 

JAS & USDA approved, this plant-based import results in a vibrant green froth when whisked into a smooth full-bodied mixture, with the absence of the bitter taste assumed of most standard matcha blends.

  • 50g pouch
  • High grade
  • Organic

When looking for an ethically sourced matcha powder that does not compromise on taste or quality, this organic Nakano blend is the best pick, as it will soon become your go-to for daily energy fuelling lattes and smoothies, occasional sweet treats and savoury pursuits.